Mark "Big Daddy from Cincinnati" Hanna 

Biography of Mark Hanna...

Nickname: "Big Daddy from Cincinnati"

Birth Place: Cincinnati, Ohio

Favorite Foods: Janice's Mother made a Killer Beef Stew

Favorite Music: Mississippi Delta Blues and 60's Rock and Roll

Favorite Movies: Top Gun and The Outlaw Jose Wales

Hobbies: Playing with my dogs, Hanging out with my best friend and better half Janice, surfing the web and and hacking some code to do something neat, watching television mostly the Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, The Learning Channel, and the History Channel

How I Started Playing Poker: I was in high school and at that time I worked with a bunch of guys older than me. I was in the carnival business. Yes I was a teenage carnie. I ran a ferris wheel when I was 13 years old. On pay day, we either played poker or fed the illegal slot machine in the backroom of the carnival ride company. The older guys were winning in the beginning.

Birthday: June ... Gemini